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Healthcare EconomicsPharmacyPHAR-507This course applies principles of economics to the healthcare sector. The course analyzes medical care markets and public policy, recognizing the importance of scarcity and economic incentives, and allowing for differences peculiar to healthcare. Demand and supply of health and medical care are examined as they involve: consumer/patients, healthcare professionals, hospitals, health insurance providers, managed care plans, and public policy.GraduatePharmacy
Hospital MedicineMaster Physician Assistant StuMPAS-614This course will address the core competencies that are essential in managing many of the challenges experienced by hospital-based health care professionals. Using an interactive, case-based format, key highlights from most major areas of internal medicine will be presented.GraduatePhysician Assistant Studies
Issues and Trends in Executive LeadershiDoctorate of Executive LdershiDEL-850XThis course explores current and emerging issues and trends as they relate to executive leadership in a complex and uncertain environment. Through an interactive case study, participants practice leadership as members of a top management team addressing current political, economic, global, technology, and social issues. Focus is on the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required for organizations' future viability and sustainment.GraduateGR Business and Leadership
Gender and the HumanitiesHumanitiesHUMN-114XUndergraduateHumanities
Clinical Assessment of Lab & DiagnosticPharmacyPHAR-645The objective of this course is to introduce the student pharmacist to all aspects of lab work that apply to clinical practice. This course is designed to provide essential information on common laboratory tests used to screen for or diagnose diseases and monitor the effectiveness and safety of treatment and disease severityGraduatePharmacy
e-PortfolioPharmacyPHAR-899This course represents the culmination of the student's e-Portfolio. During this course each P4 student will successfully complete an oral defense of the e-Portfolio.GraduatePharmacy
Elementary Physical EducationEducationEDUC-253This course focuses on preschool and elementary instructional strategies that emphasize developmentally appropriate skills, physical activity and motor skill development, management skills and self-discipline, lifetime personal health and wellness, cooperation, responsibility, and sensitivity to diversity. In addition, the course emphasizes how the classroom teacher can introduce physical movement in the classroom to energize thinking and enhance academic skills. Students will teach and work with students in a 10-hour field experience in an elementary school setting and creat lesson and/or skills plans related to physical movement and/or wellness as part of the teaching experience.UndergraduateSocial Science
Persuasive CommunicationIntegrated CommunicationsICOM-314This course provides a comprehensive view of persuasion by analyzing how persuasion operates at an interpersonal and social level. Students will learn theories and principles of social influence and how to apply strategies and techniques of persuasion related to a variety of real-life situations.UndergraduateHumanities
Sociology of SportSocial ScienceSSCI-114XUndergraduateSocial Science
African-Americans & the HumanitiesHumanitiesHUMN-120This course looks at how African-Americans, through art, music, film, and literature, have tried to make sense of the effects of slavery, segregation, and racism. The course examines how certain historical eras, such as the Harlem Renaissance, helped to define and shape the artistic expressions of African-Americans.UndergraduateHumanities